Sunday, March 22, 2009

Funtoo too

Well, I spent the weekend getting Funtoo set up and working, well not the whole weekend. I started puttering after dinner on Saturday, grab the base files and such, chroot in and do the kernel. Went to bed while my first pass world update was processing. Got back around to playing with it again after lunch and spent a few hours tinkering.

All done now, or as done as it needs to be for the moment. The urge to add more to it will likely strike many more times. In all though it only took a few hours to get a nice ~amd64 set up going. Very minimal global USE flags, I keep dumping things off to package.use to keep it tight. I'm happy so far, the new system is speedy as I could wish for, no real bells or whistles. Just a Fluxbox desktop and using Slim as the log in GUI. Both being nicely configurable and neither having any of the over the top dependencies that come with KDE/KDM or Gnome/GDM.

Still even with all it's lean mean speed, it's not enough to drag me off of using Sabayon as my primary OS. But I wouldn't be a computer geek if I didn't at least play around a little bit, and if your going to play, I might as well play with something that is designed to kick the crap out of any other distro out there.

Thanks Daniel for both Gentoo and Funtoo, I would never have learned what my computer was really capable of without them.

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