Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year A*****e

My second reaction was to fire myself from #sabayon, with thanks to someone I respect to get me thinking outside my ego. I promptly did so, you can find the thread on the mailing list. Several conversations with the team members and project lead talked me out of removing myself and to chalk it up as a lesson learned. I had to sleep on that one, but decided that if they were still willing to have me I had more to offer.

I have no excuses for my reactions and comments, there can be none. What I did was uncalled for and for that I apologize to sje46 and to my team mates at Sabayon. To sje46 I invite you back so that I may apologize to you. Either in #sabayon-social or #sabayon-dev, I am stepping away from #sabayon for awhile to regain some perspective.

Sorry you wont find me posting this in the same manner you chose to. Your decision on location to vent your justified frustration is a place I usually wont touch with a ten meter cattle prod. I will hope that through the various internet channels that it will get back to you.

nuff said.