Sunday, July 8, 2007

Breaking Sabayon

OK, the learning curve is not as steep as I thought it would be, or its my ignorance talking. However I did a "world" update of the install I did from the 3.3 mini LiveCD and then immediately ran into a problem. This update basically brought everything in the system up to "testing" which I guess is a lot more testing than stable then I'm used to coming from Debian.

I wanted to back a few files off to DVD for later use. Namely all the files and updates to install World of Warcraft and Burning Crusade. This was so I could save myself some time later on if I had to reinstall, which I did and am doing as I write this. To do this backup though I fired up k3b, which I nearly always use and the system immediately hard locked and boy do I mean hard.

This is when I discovered that the system had been upgraded to the testing level. OK, can I downgrade my packages? Sure can, you can mix and match so easily its no even funny. you find out the package you want:
emerge -s *package name*

That will spit out available packages plus the one you have installed. The stable one is listed, usually the one thats available with a lower version number. To install that one instead all you have to do is:
emerge =*package name-version number*

Whammo your all fixed up.

OK I may be getting excited over nothing, but fixing and downgrading is something new and different for me. Who said Sabayon/Gentoo were for uber geeks? oh, wait I have, repeatedly. Its so much easier to reconfigure and/or fix screw ups its not even funny.

Anyway, More on the adventures of moving to Sabayon later.

till the have fun

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